Burger Beast – Chefs On The Run Is Killin’ It In Homestead!

Chefs on the Run (10 E Mowry Drive) had been around almost two years when I finally mustered up the energy to drive to Homestead. The word on the street had been building about Chef Jodrick’s burgers.

Coincidentally, my bud Cari aka Fatgirl Hedonist called to ask if I’d like to accompany her to Knaus Berry Farm, the legendary seasonal market. I replied with a “Yes.” The only stipulation being that we hit up Chefs on the Run for lunch.

After having to wait around for Cari to pick her strawberries at Knauss Berry Farm, we headed out. I was excited, hungry, and had only a tasty cheese bread roll in my stomach holding me over.

There’s only one parking space available in front when we arrive. It involves parallel parking, which is at the top of my kryptonite list. Chefs on the Run is a cozy spot with about 30 seats. The walls are covered with local art for sale, which is a nice touch.

What to Eat at Chefs on the Run?

I had already scoped out the menu online and was ready to order. Cari was a bit on the sick side and was all about getting soup. There was no soup, so she had to settle for the Habanero Chicken and Pinchos, which I ordered from the apps part of the menu, aka Pa Picar.

There was no settling here as the Habanero Chicken were beyond excellent with a just-right buttery habanero sauce (not too spicy) and a side of a blue cheese mousse sauce.

The chicken & churrasco pinchos (skewers) were good too, but I would have preferred the BBQ sauce on the side to control how much each one had. I assumed they would come that way, but we know what happens when you assume.

Which Burger Should I Eat?

My first thought was the Habanero Burger, but two spicy dishes are not the way to start your day. Well, not every day, at least.  I’m glad I chose the Chef La Burger (grilled onions, sharp provolone cheese, hot pastrami & creole mustard on a Challah roll). It’s beautiful, it is.

One bite and boom, there it was, an explosion! Chef La Burger is well constructed with some equally great ingredients. The creole mustard tied the pastrami to the burger perfectly. Chef Jodrick nailed it.

There’s a Tripleta, or as it should be known, another religious experience. I have a hard time deciding between Chef La Burger and the Tripleta, so I usually eat one at the restaurant and take the other to go for dinner. In 2017, Chefs on the Run won the People’s Choice Award at my Hamburger House Party, a well-deserved accolade.

P.S.: Cari had Hummus, one of the few items I have banned from this site, “thou shalt not be photographed.”

popdevteamBurger Beast – Chefs On The Run Is Killin’ It In Homestead!